Renting a house or apartment in Winkfield

Winkfield is a beautiful village situated conveniently close to Ascot and Martins Heron, which both have accessible train stations with straight trains to London. Types of houses in Winkfield range from larger properties complete with barns to semi-detached houses and even cottages.

The village also has the ideal combination of being picturesque - there are various parks and a field in memorial to King George V - whilst remaining in easy reach of a few busier towns making access to shopping also convenient. There is a supermarket close by and it is easy to get to Windsor, which is famous for it's castle, home to the queen as well as a large variety of shops and restaurants. Winkfield itself is also home to a range of homely restaraunts and pubs, all in easy reach.

Winkfield is an ideal place to rent for families with younger children as it is generally quite quiet has a well respected primary school and a preparatory school, as well as it's own church.

Chavey Down
Chavey Down