Property Management Services

Property Management

Properties Managed Locally

Our property management is run from Virginia Water which means that we are close enough to drive to a property to check out a problem if the cause is not obvious from a tenant’s description.

Local Contractors

Where possible, we use independent local contractors that we know well. This means we know who will be visiting the property and trust their judgement when they are advising on works required.

No Addition to Contractor’s Invoices

When we are managing a property, we would not normally add anything to a contractor’s invoice or ask them for commission. The landlord pays what the contractor invoices for, which can save the landlord the 10-15% that many other agents add to the final bill.

Low Ratio of Managed Properties to Staff

Although the majority of the properties we find tenants for are fully managed by ourselves, we always aim to have a relatively high ratio of staff to the number of properties under management.

Staff are all Property Owners

All our staff members are experienced property owners and are therefore aware of the costs and challenges involved in keeping a home properly maintained. We like to think we spend our landlords’ money as sparingly as if it was coming out of our own bank accounts!

Out of Hours Cover

Tenants in our managed properties are encouraged to call the office to report maintenance issues during office hours, but they have a number to call if emergencies occur when the office is closed. 

Contractors Insurance

Contractors, professional affiliations and insurances are regularly checked to ensure that we are sending out only suitable contractors who are qualified for the work and insured.

Electric Heaters

We keep a stock of electric heaters in the office, so that should we be unable to get a faulty heating system working quickly during the cold weather, we can drop off as many heaters as needed.

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